Wayne Products was founded in 1978 as a filter distributor/rep organization and has gradually evolved into a industrial specialty products manufacturer selling our own, and distibuting complimentary products, all over the world. From our 5,000 square foot facility in Broomall, PA, products are marketed directly and through distributors, catalog houses and original equipment manufacturers. Our customer service team is technically knowledgable and can answer any questions that you may have.

Oil skimmers have one simple purpose: to remove oils from water and water-based liquids. While oil skimmers come in many forms shapes and sizes, they all use the same basic principles. They work by moving a skimming surface a disk, belt, tube or drum though the liquid being skimmed. The oil, which floats on top of the liquid, clings to the moving skimming surface while the water-based liquid does not. The skimming surface, covered in oil, travels away from the liquid to wiper blades that remove the oil. The skimmed oil is then stored for recycling or disposal.

With industrial applications ranging from food processing to automobile manufacturing, oil skimmers are useful in any situation where oil contamination may occur. As an investment, oil skimmers reduce waste disposal costs, prolong the effective life of cleaning and cooling fluids, and provide countless environmental benefits. Acting alone, oil skimmers can often achieve the purity levels required by the user. In cases where more complicated oil removal processes are needed, pre-treatment with oil skimmers effectively reduces the costs associated with secondary treatments.

Although our oil skimmers vary widely in terms of size, oil collection rate and cost, all of our oil skimmers are simple, reliable and effective. To learn more about the oil skimmers we offer, or to decide which oil skimmer is right for you, please choose from among the menu options on the left-hand side of your screen. To contact us, please call 1-800-255-5665, e-mail us at info@wayneproducts.com, or complete our online information and catalogue request form by clicking here.